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Our Foundation is Rooted in a Family of Pilots.

At the helm of BellAir is principal owner McQueen Campbell, III.  Originally from Elizabethtown, a small town in eastern North Carolina, McQueen grew up with early exposure to aviation. His grandfather had his pilot’s license and loved flying and talking about airplanes. When McQueen was just 11 years young, his grandfather passed away, but his legacy lives on. He instilled that same type of love for aviation in McQueen, and today he's a successful pilot himself dedicating his full time and attention to the aircraft charter industry.

BellAir McQueen Campbell.jpeg

Our Journey So Far

Fixed-wing pilot


McQueen started flying fixed wings when he was 17 yrs old and like most pilots, this made him want to keep pursuing this passion that was unlike anything he'd ever experienced. 

Continued Education


McQueen progressed through his ratings up through his commercial and then added his rotorcraft rating in 2005 allowing him to also fly helicopters.

Owner and Operator


In addition to flying, McQueen has bought and sold many airplanes as both a hobby and a business from owning and operating all of his airplanes from his first Cessna 172 to the Citation Excel, CJ2, and King Air 350.

BellAir is Born


JEM Air (BellAir) was founded and started in Van Nuys, CA to own and charter a single Gulfstream G200 back in 2013. The owner decided to sell the airplane in 2017 and later sold McQueen the shell company with the charter certificate in May of 2018.

Company Restructure


From May 2018 through Jan 2019, McQueen and his team changed all the Ops Specs from the G200 over to operating light jets and King Airs.


The BellAir certificate has no
operational limitations including international ops specs, single-pilot ops specs, and the ability to fly overseas. 

Where BellAir is Headed


Today BellAir includes a team of over 50 dedicated and experienced aviation professionals. The team consists of highly respected chief military pilots, operational leaders, and fleet charter operations experts. Many BellAir team members have 25+ years of aviation charter experience. Today BellAir is one of the fastest-growing aviation companies and is an approved vendor for all the major companies such as Wheels Up and Sentient.

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