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Meet Brian Garfield

Brian Garfield headshot.jpeg
Vice President, Revenue Management

Brian Garfield

With a dynamic career spanning over 15 years in the private aviation industry, Brian is an
accomplished aviation transportation leader. He specializes in marketplace operations, dynamic
pricing, yield management, demand forecasting, distribution and channel management,
account rehabilitation, sourcing, and vendor relations. With his extensive experience in aviation
and logistics, Brian leads successful commercial teams and is a recognized and trusted name in
the industry.

As an FAA Private Pilot, Brian’s personal interest and passion for aviation grew into a life-long
career. He has a unique, seasoned understanding of the aviation landscape, and is well
respected by his peers and the teams he leads for his personable leadership and pragmatic
approach to problem-solving. He thrives on employing creative methodologies to devise
innovative solutions, staying abreast of the latest industry and market trends.


Brian’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in finance, from Eastern
Washington University, supplemented by an MBA from Santa Clara University. Brian is also
proficient in Spanish and brings a global perspective to his professional endeavors.
Outside of work, Brian is an avid tennis player, coach of his kids’ many sports teams, and a
passionate traveler, embracing opportunities to explore new cultures.


As Vice President of Revenue Management at BellAir, Brian continues to leverage his skills to
optimize sales and operations, enhance dynamic pricing strategies, and ensure efficient yield
management. A commitment to excellence and integrity, coupled with a relentless pursuit of
innovation, defines Brian’s approach to leadership in the ever-evolving corporate aviation

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