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Meet Ralyn Wheeler

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Human Resources and Recruitment Manager

Ralyn Wheeler

BellAir’s Human Resource and Recruitment Manager, Ralyn Wheeler, is a seasoned professional with a remarkable 15-year tenure in the aviation industry, coupled with over two decades of expertise in Human Resources and Recruiting. Her diverse career journey began in public accounting, transitioning seamlessly through investment banking and estate management before finding her passion in aviation.


In 2009, while overseeing an estate for a high net worth family, Ralyn played a pivotal role in the design and acquisition of a brand-new Gulfstream. Her responsibilities extended to hiring a dedicated crew and collaborating closely with the FAA to initiate a 135 operation. Stepping into the role of CEO at JEM Air Holdings, Ralyn demonstrated her prowess by overseeing every facet of the operation.


In 2018, Ralyn embarked on a new chapter as she facilitated the sale of the JEM Air certificate to a new owner and BellAir was born. Ralyn joined BellAir, initially serving as the DER and Onboarding Specialist. Over the years, her role expanded to encompass the responsibilities of a Human Resources Manager, Recruiting Manager, and Onboarding Specialist.


Based in Texas, Ralyn and her pilot husband share a love for aviation and own a small light sport plane, which they utilize for exciting adventures across the country. Outside the professional realm, Ralyn is an avid outdoor enthusiast, finding joy in activities such as hiking, biking, and exploration.


With a wealth of experience in aviation and a passion for the great outdoors, Ralyn Wheeler continues to make significant contributions to the industry, embodying a unique blend of expertise and adventure.

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